One fifth of humanity, the world’s most spoken language, and the super-power of the 21st century.  Directly or indirectly, China is already a significant part of our lives.  Is that something to fear or to celebrate?

If you’ve ever thought China is too distant to contemplate and Chinese too difficult to consider, then Legastories is for you.

The oldest surviving civilisation is shaped by 5000 years of stories.  This new one-man show – written, directed and performed by Tim Nash – shares those stories, blending legend and history with an outsider’s insight.

“Fascinating, engaging and inspiring.”

DVDs of the show are available now!


All human beings are shaped by a legacy of stories which we imbibe from the culture around us. The legacy so defines us that we rarely question it – or even recognise it.

Within a generation, China has moved from closed third world country to global super-power. If we want to understand who the Chinese are, we need to understand their story.

Language is not the issue. The key is to be able to translate a concept from one cultural context to another – whether that’s from Britain to China, from Sales to Customer Support, or husband to wife.

Discovering other people’s stories is vital to developing successful relationships at any level, and enormously enriching personally. The back-story of 1 in 5 human beings gives us 20% more straight away.

Legastories tells the 5000 year long story of China in one continuous narrative over 24 chapters.

What people have said about Legastories:

A really fascinating show” | Entertaining, informative and impressive.
Very entertaining and easy to follow.” | Excellent evening and very well executed.

One thought on “Legastories

  1. Des Pyper

    Hi Tim
    Fantastic presentation at Art Centre,bought the Video!
    Learnt so much and brilliantly presented ,look forward to watching highlights and sharing the info.
    Wishing you every success and much love to kids and Helen


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