Access China delivers China-related training, consultancy and resources
to governmentbusinessesschools and individuals.

What is different about what we do?

Our services empower our clients to capitalise on the extraordinary potential of business with China and enable them to overcome performance issues in order to reduce costs, build profitability and enable growth.

Get your head around China

We deliver understanding about China, including its language and its culture, through briefings, relocation training, Continuous Professional Development, keynote speeches, workshops, seminars etc. MORE

Get yourself China-ready

We work with you to develop your cultural alignment, your value proposition, your China strategy, your messaging for Chinese partners and customers; identifying the opportunities and risks for you in working with China; defining the profiles of your ideal China partner(s) etc. MORE


Get your China jobs done

We provide extra hands to work for you to produce materials for Chinese audiences, verify ‘Know Your Customer’ documents, engage with the Chinese media, communicate regularly with your China contacts, represent your company at meetings and events with Chinese delegates, engaging China partners etc. MORE

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