Some of our most popular training sessions:

A session for all levels exploring whether China should be feared or embraced.

“There are 9 million bicycles in Beijing; Chinese is the most difficult language in the world; the people are inscrutable; the Yellow Peril.” If you’re not sure what’s fact and what’s fiction … “Do I shake hands?” “How do I say hello?” “Can I use my credit card?” If you’ve ever worried about meeting with Chinese clients … “Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Jackie Chan, Number 43 (Special Fried Rice), umm …” If that’s pretty much all you know about the place that is tipped to become the world’s largest economy again this year, then this session is for you!

A session for those actively engaging with clients from the Chinese world, providing essential insights into the Chinese mindset.

The Chinese see themselves as standing 5000 years downstream of the oldest living human civilisation, and they refer to dealing with that reality as “bathing in the river.” This session explores the main factors that shape the way the Chinese see the world today – which includes dipping into history, geography, philosophy and language – so that we can engage effectively. More than just a list of do’s and don’ts, we need a framework for relating to those we do business with.

A session for those whose work is affected by the need to diversify and internationalise, drawing key lessons from our engagement with China.

The changing world and shift of economic power towards the East and South demands that Western businesses re-evaluate, explore new models and markets, and develop relationships in new environments. This session looks at the impact of China’s rise on how we view ourselves and takes engaging with China as a case study in building successful relationships across traditional dividing lines. A well-known Chinese poem points out that the same mountain looks very different depending on where you are looking from, and that the fullest picture emerges from gaining multiple perspectives.

Inspiration for new business growth drawn from the experience of engaging with China

This session explains the six steps and expounds on how they can lead to new growth in current markets as well as new: recognise the changes; look for the gaps; choose to change yourself; seek new perspectives; ask ‘what’ instead of ‘why?’; find your role.